Dylas Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Who We Are

Dylas pharmaceuticals private limited is a Delhi based pharmaceuticals company with its operations in Uttar Pradesh as well..

Since inception we have grown rapidly and through the superiority of our strategy and hard work of our employees have become a company of choice for our customers as well as our consumers. More about us can be found in our Vision statement.

Our Vision

Core Ideals or Values
  • We hold the value of honesty as our most important guiding value. We believe that we deal with all our stakeholders with utmost honesty.
  • Risk taking is also a core value for us. We want to have an entrepreneurial mind set as we move ahead.
  • Customer service is a key value for us. We go to the very last mile to serve our customers well.


To provide solutions to life problems:

Envisioned Future:

Become a company which has demonstrated growth like companies like Sun Pharma, Aristo and Alkem.